July, 23 2019 Articles

Recently published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health

Characterisation of serum total tau following paediatric traumatic brain injury: a case-control study
June, 27 2019 Articles

Recently published

1) Low-value clinical practices in injury care... 2) Factors influencing decisions to withdraw life-sustaining treatments... 3) Red blood cell transfusion...
June, 19 2019 Meetings

First announcement: 8th CTRC Scientific Meeting January 2020

Our January meeting will be held in Lake Louise, Alberta...
May, 8 2019 Award, Meetings

Travel awards for June 2019 Meeting

Five trainees are offered a Travel award in support of travel to attend next CTRC Spring Meeting in June 2019...
April, 27 2019 Meetings

Upcoming 7th CTRC Scientific Meeting June 2019

The draft meeting schedule is as follows...
March, 14 2019 Training and education

Systematic review webinar series

One goal of the CTRC is to contribute to improving members’ understanding of systematic reviews and meta-analysis...
December, 31 2018 Meetings

Upcoming 6th CTRC Scientific Meeting January 2019

The Scientific Meeting will take place at Lake Louise Inn...
December, 12 2018 Award, Meetings

Travel awards for January 2019

Among 21 applications from excellent candidates, award recipients are...
November, 8 2018 Grant

Recipients of the 2018 CTRC Training Grants

Congratulations to the three (3) Training Grants recipients...
September, 27 2018 Articles

New article! CTRC: Epitomizing collaborative research in Canada

The Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium...
December, 19 2017 Grant

Second CTRC Project grant competition

Six (6) applications were reviewed independently ...
December, 19 2017 Award, Meetings

CTRC Travel award competition

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the CTRC Travel awards competition for the January 2018 CTRC meeting
July, 17 2017 Grant

CTRC Project grant competition

CTRC is pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Project Grant competition
March, 30 2017 Articles

New interesting article!

« The epidemic of traumatic brain injuries In Canada », read more ...
November, 1 2016 Grant

First CTRC Project grant competition

The recipients for this first Project grant competition are...
November, 1 2016 Grant

CTRC training grants 2016

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the first CTRC training grants competition.