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Systematic review webinar series 2021-2022

Published date September 14, 2021

Systematic review webinar series 2021-2022

One of the objectives of the CTRC is to help improve members’ understanding of systematic reviews and meta-analysis and to facilitate knowledge synthesis research in the TBI research community.

The CTRC knowledge synthesis platform offers online webinars focused on the concepts and practical application of knowledge synthesis for researchers.

Subjects include:
– introduction to systematic-reviews and meta-analysis;
– methodological research to assist protocol development;
– constructing and tailoring search strategies for frequently used databases;
– statistical analyses for meta-analysis;
– evaluating the risk of bias in randomized controlled trials, observational trials and prognostic reviews;
– and tutorials for common systematic review software including RevMan and EndNote.

Join the next webinars and strengthen your ability to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis on TBI research problems.