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Travel awards for June 2019 Meeting

Published date May 8, 2019

Travel awards for June 2019 Meeting

Five (5) Travel awards were offered in support of travel to attend next CTRC Spring Meeting in June 2019.

Among all applications from excellent candidates, Travel award recipients are listed below:


• MSc:

Jihad Abou Jamous (Supervisor: Dr. Alexis Turgeon), CHU de Québec-Université Laval

Liam Tapsell (Supervisor: Dr. Paul van Donkelaar), University of British Columbia

• PhD:

Joe Steinman (Supervisor: Dr. John G. Sled), University of Toronto

Drew Halliday (Supervisor: Dr. Chand Taneja), University of Victoria

• Post-doc:

Matthew Ventresca (Supervisors: Dr. William Bridel and Dr. Carolyn Emery), University of Calgary


We want to thank the five recipients, as well as all those who applied for making this edition a success.

Congratulations and thank you all.


Carolyn Emery and Nick Reed, co-chairs, CTRC Training, Education and Career Development Committee