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Position paper on moderate to severe TBI

Published date July 19, 2023

Position paper on moderate to severe TBI

July 19, 2023

Dear CTRC members and colleagues,

We are very proud to announce that the CTRC and Brain Injury Canada (BIC) are launching a joint position paper calling for the recognition of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a chronic disease.

A press release was issued highlighting the collaborative work done between the CTRC and BIC to address the lack of support for the consequences of TBI by the Canadian healthcare system. This paper resulted from a wonderful collaboration between our two organizations which has been presented and discussed at our recent CTRC meetings. Our special thanks go to Michelle McDonald, Kathy Hendrick, Jamie Hutchison and Alexis Turgeon, as well as to the members of the CTRC Executive Committee and the CTRC members who have helped out and collaborated on the initiative.

The call to change the designation of moderate to severe TBI to a chronic disease acknowledges the ongoing cognitive, behavioral, physical, and emotional impacts of TBI that align with the World Health Organization’s definition of a chronic disease. Notably, the position paper shares a compilation of data highlighting the broad societal impacts of TBI, including its influence on homelessness, incarceration rates, mental health, and employment. The consequences are especially stark for communities at risk but as you are well aware, are felt across all aspects of society.

Please review this important document and disseminate it to your broader network and social media. Your support in spreading this message is crucial in advocating this critical change and ensuring that individuals living with the profound, lifelong challenges of TBI receive the consistent and essential support they require.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie, Alexis & Michelle

Click here to access the joint position paper