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Stefanovic, Bojana

Location Sunnybrook Health Sciences City Toronto Contact

Stefanovic, Bojana

Dr. Stefanovic is a senior scientist in Physical Sciences at Sunnybrook Research Institute, and an associate professor in the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the development of new methods for quantitative in vivo imaging of brain function. Her research interests include the development and application of in vivo high field functional MRI, two-photon fluorescence microscopy, and extracellular recordings for tracking functional deficits in cellular components of the neurovascular unit over the course of neurodegeneration in transgenic models of Alzheimer’s Disease and during chronic stage of recovery in rodent models of focal ischemia and traumatic brain injury.

Relevant expertise and areas of interest: functional MRI, two photon fluorescence microscopy, neurovascular unit, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke recovery, and TBI imaging.